Per Peterson information on steel and concrete needed for different energy

Per Peterson, Prof at Berkeley provides information on construction material for energy. 95% of construction inputs are steel and concrete.

China is making 1250MW AP1000’s now, 1400MW in the next batch and 1700MW for the ones after that

Information is mostly from this Per Peterson powerpoint presentation on nuclear energy

Energy from coal, 7.3 million kg per day for a 1GW plant.

Energy from nuclear fission, 3.2kg of fuel used per day for a 1GW plant.

Energy from nuclear fusion. 0.6kg per day of fuel for a 1GW plant

Nuclear safety study from 2004

Nuclear workers compared to other industries

CO2 comparison for different energy sources


Nuclear Energy: 1996, 2006, 2016 by Per Peterson

Nuclear Research by Per Peterson