Blacklight Power follow up and other claims

Blacklight Power has claimed to have produced 50KW power generator prototypes which they expect to start selling in 2009. They also claim that the Hydrino technology will enable better lasers, batteries and new materials. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2009.

The latest expected unit costs for the Blacklight power system compared to current energy technology:

The Blacklight hydrogen production plant diagram

Potential Applications for Blacklight Power Technology
– H2(1/p) Enables laser at wavelengths from visible to soft X-ray
– VUV photolithography (Enables next generation chip)
– Blue Lasers
– Line-of-sight telecom and medical devices
– High voltage metal hydride batteries
– Synthetic thin-film and single crystal diamonds
– Metal hydrides as anticorrosive coatings

The better lasers come from the claim of generating more light using less power

Some of the other claimed superiority’s of Blacklight

Part of the Proof that Blacklight offers is that their physics formulas provide more accurate prediction of experimental results.

170+ page powerpoint technical presentation on Blacklight Power

103 page paper on various experimental results

More spectra readings, and predictions of astronomical phenomena (like Dark matter is hydrinos) and predictions on what kind of readings one would get if they are right etc….