Bellafont reactors follow up

Excellent analysis of the possible restart of Bellefont nuclear reactors by Dan Yurman at Idaho Samizdat . A quick back-of-the-envelope estimate suggests that the cost to complete the two units could be $3.6 billion at a minimum. This could save 2 billion versus the construction of new reactors. If there is carbon taxes or costs (as is likely to be introduced in 2009 under Obama or McCain) then the two reactors would probably be restarted and two new reactors which are currently submitted for a license will also be built.

Energy from Thorium indicates that the rising cost of nuclear power and new electrical power in general is caused by the failure to develop more advanced reactors. Advanced reactor development has been left to foreign governments such as France, Japan, China, Russia and even South Africa.

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"if that is shown to be wrong, then the theory's wrong."

When will the complete lack (and impossibility) of direct observational evidence for black holes, dark matter and dark energy be enough to falsify the standard model of cosmology?