Beyond CMOS: Emerging research devices

Beyond CMOS: Emerging research devices presentation at the summer 2008 ITRS public conference.

Emerging Research Device Technology Candidates are to be evaluated. This is the list of devices being considered to go beyond CMOS.
– Nano-electro Mechanical Switches
– Collective Spin Devices
– Spin Torque Transfer Devices
– Atomic Switch / Electrochemical Metallization
– Carbon-based Nanoelectronics
– Single Electron Transistors
– CMOL / Field Programmable Nanowire Interconnect (FPNI)

The ERD/ERM TWGs recommended to the International Roadmap Committee:
Carbon-based Nanoelectronics to include carbon nanotubes and graphene. Additional resources should be budgeted and a detailed road map for ITRS created for nanoelectronics as promising technologies with targeting of commercial demonstration in the 5-10 year horizon.

Graphene pseudospintronics presentation

Graphene spintronic and quantum electronics papers by Trauzettel