SiCortex Introduces the World’s Most Energy Efficient High-Productivity Computers

SiCortex, maker of energy-efficient high-productivity computing (HPC) platforms, today announced that it has doubled the price/performance metric of its entire product line.

This breakthrough is the result of increased processor speed, advancements to system software and leading-edge compilers. SiCortex computers scale from 72 to 5,832 processors running Linux and other open-source codes, in packages ranging from desk-side to departmental to the data center. All are uniquely simple to deploy: unpack, plug in, turn on.

SiCortex’s breakthrough cost-per-teraflop sets a new standard for delivered price/performance, in particular when considering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to savings in power, cooling, staffing and space. Compared to Intel x86-based cluster systems, SiCortex computers deliver:

* Up to twice the delivered Results/$CapEx advantage
* Up to nine times the results-per-kilowatt advantage
* Up to three times results/$TCO advantage over a 3-year period

The SiCortex 5832 is the first and only computer system to pack Top500 performance onto a single backplane. It offers 5832 1GFlops 64-bit processors, each dissipating just 600 milliwatts of power. The SC5832 was a 5.8 teraflop system (Nov 2006) but with double the performance it would be almost 12 teraflops.

Before doubling performance the systems had:
•The SC5832, which is a 5.8 Teraflop system with up to 8 Terabytes of memory. The
SC5832 fits into a single cabinet and draws 18 KW of power.
•The SC1458, which is a 1458 Gigaflop system with up to 1.94 Terabytes of memory.
The SC1458 fits in a single cabinet and draws 4 KW of power
•The SC648, which is a 648 Gigaflop system with up to 864 Gigabytes of memory.
A single SC648 system draws 2 KW of power.
•The SC072, which is a 72 GigaFlop system with 48 Gigabytes of memory. The lowpower
desk-side cabinet uses less than 200 watts of power.

SiCortex recently closed on a $37 million round of venture funding.

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