Spacex fourth launch successfully reaches orbit

Spacex Exploration Technologies has successfully launched the first privately-developed all-liquid fuel rocket that was able to reach orbit.

Falcon 1, a 70-foot-long rocket powered by liquid oxygen and kerosene, is the first in a family of low-cost launch vehicles priced at $7.9 million each.

Besides the Falcon 1, SpaceX is developing for NASA a larger launch vehicle, Falcon 9, capable of flying to the international space station when the current space shuttle fleet retires in 2010.

There should be two more launches in 2008. A falcon 1 with a payload and the first flight of the Falcon 9 heavy lift rocket. The launch manifest has five launches planned in 2009 and three in 2010.

ATSB (Malaysia) Q4 2008 Falcon 1

Falcon 9 Maiden Flight 2008 Falcon 9

MDA Corp. (Canada) 2009 Falcon 9