Ultrabattery Should be Commercially Sold by 2011

Japan’s Furukawa Battery Company signed an international commercialization and distribution agreement for the technology.

The Australian UltraBattery has a life cycle that is at least four times longer and produces 50 per cent more power than conventional energy storage systems. The technology is approximately 70 per cent cheaper than the batteries currently used in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

UltraBattery hybrid car that has lasted over 100,000 miles.

The car driving around the test track

The technology is scheduled to be commercially available in the automotive market and for motive power applications throughout Japan, Thailand, North America, Mexico and Canada within two years.

UltraBattery technology also has applications for renewable energy storage from wind and solar. CSIRO is part of a technology start-up that will develop and commercialise battery-based storage solutions for these energy sources.

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