Uranium Mining Forecast to 2020

The uranium mining forecast was from the Uranium 2008 report (joint report of the IAEA and OECD). The forecast and expected mine openings are on page 48, 49 of the report.

Anticipated New Mines
China Qinlong 100tU/year
Kazakhstan Appack LLP-West Mynkuduk 1,000 tU/year in 2010
Kazakhstan Karatau LLP-Budennovskoye 1,000 tU/year in 2009
South Africa Uranium One – Dominium & Rietkuil, 1,460 tU/year in 2010

Australia Honeymoon 340 tU/year
Kazakhstan Semizbai 500 tU/year
Kazakhstan Kharasan-1 3,000 tU/year in 2010
Kazakhstan Southern Inkai, 1,000 tU/year
Kazakhstan Irkol 750 tU/year
Kazakhstan Kharasan, 2,000 tU/year in 2014
Kazakhstan Akbastau LLP-Budennovskoye 3,000 tU/year
Namibia Trekkopje 1,600 tU/year
Russia Khiagde 1,000 tU/year, 2000 in 2015

Iran Saghand 50 tU/year
Malawi Kayelekera 1,270 tU/year
Namibia Valencia 1,000 tU/year

Canada Midwest, Sask 2,300 tU/year
India Tummalapalle 220 tU/year
Russia Gornoe 600 tU/year

Brazil Itataia 600 tU/year
Canada Cigar Lake 6,900 tU/year
India Mohuldih 30 tU/year
Niger Imouren 5,000 tU/year
Niger Azelik 700 tU/year
Russia Olov 600 tU/year

India Lambapur 130 tU/year
India Killeng 340 tU/year
Russia Elkon 5,000 tU/year


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I am not particularly interested in the simulation theory, because it does not change what we should be doing. If the simulation is reality for us then we are still effected by its outcomes.

I do not see anything that we are doing effecting those outside the simulation.

If there are layers to reality then there needs to be some testable means to verify such a situation and some reason for us to alter our behavior, otherwise we should be continuing to go about our business of doing the best we can here.


Brian, what is your take on Nick Bostrom's theory about our universe as a simulation? I gave my reasons for why I don't think it is correct on the crnano blog.