Call for Donors for a Private Effort to Apply Leukocyte Infusion Anti-Cancer Therapy

You can be part of validating a promising anti-cancer therapy.

If you are under the age of 30 and have no history of cancer in your family (parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, brothers and sisters all with no cancer) then there is a private effort where you can donate some blood and find out if you anti-cancer cells. If your blood type matches they will be used for the experimental treatment of an anti-aging researcher. This is a real effort and the author has personally met the anti-aging researcher who has the cancer, who spoke at Foresight Unconference last year.

Benefits of applying and donating:
1. You could find out that you have cancer immunity. Tests would be paid by Kronos Lab.
2. You could save someones life
3. You could advance a potentially broadly applicable treatment for cancer. Transferring cancer immunity from highly immune people to those without immunity. Broad success could save millions each year.
4. This private effort could accelerate the development of this treatment by one year or more. 7 million people die each year from cancer worldwide. Getting a one year acceleration on a broadly successful cure for cancer would be a very good thing.

Here is a description of the private effort.

The protocol for this therapy involves identifying young donors with a blood type matching the patient and with no history of cancer in their family. These donors must also have a tissue type that is appropriate for this type of transfusion (similar to the typing done for organ donation but the “matching” is a little bit different). Samples from these donors are tested for their granulocyte cancer-killing ability. We need to find a minimum of 4 people, preferably more, who have a compatible cell type and high cancer-killing activity.

This effort is very time sensitive. I need to find matched donors as quickly as possible. The initial screening involves only a questionnaire and a standard blood draw. Promising matches will move to Phase II of this process, which involves a possible trip to an East Coast research center where scientists can perform the cancer killing activity test (using another standard blood draw). Travel would of course be provided.

The strongest candidates after the cancer killing activity is determined will be selected to have their granulocytes removed using pheresis technology, the same technology used for platelet donation. Granulocyte populations replenish within 2 hours. Granulocyte pheresis is commonly used for other indications so there is nothing new or controversial about the donation. These cells would then be transfused into me in hopes that they recognize the tumor and attack it.

If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please complete the form below and return it via email to Wendy Bezotte, at or fax at (602) 667-5623 as soon as possible.

Project: CK-001


First Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

Mailing Address:

1. Gender Male Female

2. Race: White Black Asian Other:

3 Blood Type: A+ A-

B+ B-


O+ O-

Don’t know

4. Have you donated blood or blood products in the last 12 months? Yes No

5. Have you ever been deferred from giving blood or blood products? Yes No

6. Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer? Yes No

7. Has ANY member of your family ever been diagnosed with cancer? Yes No

8. If you answered YES to Question 7, who are they? (check all that apply)

Mother Mother’s Father

Mother’s Mother Mother’s Sibling(s)

Father Father’s Father

Father’s Mother Father’s Sibling(s)

Sibling(s) Niece/Nephew

Cousin(s) Other

Please specify the cancer type(s), if known:

9. Have you ever been a recipient of a blood transfusion? Yes No

10. Do you have any of the following infectious diseases?
HIV HEP A HEP B HEP C TB Sexually Transmitted Disease

11. For females:

11a. Are you currently pregnant? Yes No

11b. Have you ever had a multiple birth pregnancy (twins, triplets etc.)? Yes No

Form completed by:

Print Name Date

Signature (if completed electronically, printed name is sufficient)

Kronos Laboratory

LIFT clinical trials have been organized but have been delayed for bioethical review.

SENS conference where the anti-cancer treatment was discussed.