Rarefaction Wave Tank Gun to be Shown at 26th Army Science Conference

The Sonic RAREFACTION WAVE GUN (RAVEN) is a Projectile Launch Method that achieves:
– Unprecedented Reductions in Recoil Impulse. It can shoot faster, cooler and can be lighter than a current gun while packing the same punch or more. The latest raven gun will be shown at the 26th Army Science conference Dec 1-4, 2008 in Florida. It will be presented by its inventor during Session D which covers weapons research.

50% – 100% Recoil Reduction for No Velocity Loss
• High Velocity Guns Can Be Nearly Recoilless
• High Efficiency Recoilless Operation Obtainable
• Can Maintain High Lethality on a Lighter Platform (M1 Tank gun on a Bradley, 30 ton or less instead of 62 tons)

Approximately 50% Reduction in Barrel Heating
• Enables Lightweight Gun Barrel Technology
• Allows Increased Firing Rate
• Mitigates Need for Erosion Protective Coatings
• May Use More Energetic Propellants

Approximately 2/3 Reduction in Muzzle Blast
• Lower Vision Obscuration
• Lower Overpressure on Front of Vehicle/Platform

While Maintaining the Efficiency & High Projectile Velocity of Conventional Guns (No Loss in Projectile Velocity)

The 105mm or Larger Next Generation Raven Should be Ready at the Dec 1st Show
Direct Fire RAVEN Demonstrator (FY06 Design, FY07 Build & Test)
• Based on 105mm FCS MRAAS Direct & Indirect Fire Cannon
• Swing Chamber Allows Rear Venting & Rapid Fire
• Rear Venting Cased Telescoped Ammunition (Slug Projectile)
• Inertial Breech Vent to Expansion Nozzle (Thrust Generated)
• Split Nozzle (Inertial Breech Cast Steel Outer Nozzle Slides Over
Composite/Steel Fixed Inner Gun Nozzle)
• Next Generation RAVEN Demonstrator (FY07 Design, FY08 Build & Test)
• Design for Minimum Weight – Advanced Materials
• Alternative & More Efficient Vent Methods


ARES, Inc., Port Clinton, Ohio, was awarded on Jul. 25, 2008, a $10,214,127 cost-plus fixed fee contract for the design, engineering, manufacturing, test and performance evaluation services in support of the rarefaction wave gun technology development and demonstration. Work will be performed in Port Clinton, Ohio, and is expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2008.

RArefaction waVE guN (RAVEN) propulsion constitutes a novel means to dramatically reduce the recoil momentum and heat imparted to future cannons during firing. The method may be considered a hybrid propulsion technology with features common to both closed-breech cannons and recoilless rifles. Reduction of recoil and gun heating would greatly facilitate large caliber gun integration within light future combat system (FCS) vehicles. Analysis of a RAVEN launcher comparable to the current 120-mm M256 firing an M829 kinetic energy round would impose 75% less recoil momentum and reduce barrel heating at the muzzle by 50%

At the core of the RW cannon technology is an 80% reduction in recoil, a 40% reduction in the inbore temperature and a 50% reduction in weight. These never before achieved improvements will enable the Army Vision for its Future Combat System and other similar systems to have the fire power of an M1 tank with the
weight that is half that of the Bradley.

Rarefaction wave gun technology is an important breakthrough capability in gun systems that will allow tremendous improvements in performance and weight reduction for next generation weapon systems. Research, engineering and development of these advanced gun propulsion, manufacturing and materials technologies will enable
lighter projectile launcher platforms with increased lethality, both essential for future manned and unmanned combat systems. The U.S. Army Benet Laboratories is pleased to partner with ARES, Inc. and utilize their considerable experience in gun systems design and manufacturing.”