Carnival of Space Week 83

Astroblogger has the Carnival of Space week 83

This site contributed its article on laser ignited hybrid fusion/fission power.

Colony Worlds reviews five key pieces of solar system real estate and how one power/country could dominate the solar system by controlling them.

1. the moon, for lunar oxygen
2. Ceres asteroid, control metal rich region of the asteroid belt
3. Phobos (Mars moon), Phobos could be converted into an enormous space station in order to make it easier to process metals harvested from the asteroid belt. Since the sunlight on Mars is much stronger than in the asteroid belt, a future mining corporation could use the Sun’s rays to melt asteroid metals en mass before exporting them towards Earth (and Luna).
4. Jovian moon Callisto, a radiation safe world. It is protected by Jupiter’s magnetic field but is outside Jupiter’s radiation belt
5. Saturn’s moon Titan

There were several posts on Mars, including Planetary Society coverage of buried glaciers on Mars

Centauri Dreams looked at the Winterberg papers on microfusion. This was also covered by this site.

See more at the 83rd Carnival of Space and later this week this site will host the 84th Carnival of Space.