Christian Bale: Savior of the Terminator Movie Franchise

Christian Bale is signed up for three Terminator Movies as the character John Conner who is the savior of humanity in the Terminator Movies.

Christian Bale has a more important role in reality as the savior and revivor of major hollywood action movie franchises.

Christian Bale was Batman for the fifth and sixth Batman movies.

Batman Begins almost doubled the box office of Batman and Robin (the fourth Batman movie) and The Dark Knight doubled the box office of Batman Begins. Th Dark Knight was the top grossing Batman movie even after adjusting for inflation.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was the second highest grossing of the Terminator movies but the first Terminator was a low budget surprise cult movie which gained audience in movie rentals.

1. Terminator Salvation, the fourth Terminator movie will be the highest grossing in the Terminator Franchise.
2. Terminator Salvation will have Dark Knight like box office. About one billion dollars in international box office and $500 million in domestic box office.
3. Christian Bale could choose to be the biggest action movie star for the next two decades. It depends how long he chooses to continue leading in the Batman and Terminator movie franchises. Christian Bale is still only 34. He was born 30 January 1974. Bale is six years younger than Will Smith. Both are making critically acclaimed and financially successful movies. Although Bale has been able to achieve critical acclaim with his action movies as well as his more artistic movies.

The second trailer is here

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Planned sequels to the Terminator Franchise.

What other movie franchises could Christian Bale save/revive/launch ?

Perhaps the Jack Ryan series ? He could help continue it but probably won’t.

Superman needs reviving, but the main issue there is writing. A relaunch is needed, but not with Christian Bale.

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