First 1 Terabyte solid state drive from Pure Silicon

Pure Silicon has introduced the worlds first 2.5″ 1 Terabyte solid state drive at 2009 CES (consumer Electronics Show). The drive is higher density than magnetic hard drives of that size. The 1TB Nitro SSD is the most compact SSD per gigabyte: 15.40GB per cubic centimeter in a 2.5-inch form-factor — at least three times greater than any other SSD on the market.

Pure silicon put 64 double stacked 64Gb chips (for a total of 128 flash memory chips) as well as 512MB of buffer memory and a high performance 32 channel SATA2 controller into the package.

pureSilicon has benchmarked these drives at speeds approaching the maximum bus speed of SATA II (300 MB/s).

Feature summary
— 1TB SSD in 2.5-inch form-factor (highest density ever at
— 300MB/s SATA II interface
— Industry-leading performance
— State-of-the-art industrial design

Specifications – Nitro Series SSD:
Capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB
— Transfer rate: 300MB/sec
— Sustained read: 240MB/sec
— Sustained write: 215MB/sec
— Random read (IOPS 4K): 50,000
— Random write (IOPS 4K): 10,000
— Latency < 100 µsec Reliability -- MTTF: 2.0 million hours Environmental -- Temperature (operating): 0°C to +70°C -- Temperature (non-operating): -45°C to +85°C -- Shock (operating): 1500G, duration 0.5ms, half sine wave -- Vibration (operating): 20G peak, 10~2,000Hz, x3 axis Power -- Active: 4.8W typical -- Idle: 0.1W typical Physical -- 2.5in form factor: 100.2mm x 69.85mm x 9.5mm