Technology Blogger Roland Piquepaille has Died

Technology Blogger Roland Piquepaille has died

He had his own blog, Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends and those articles were often contributed to zdnet as well and were often well featured at Slashdot.

From his zdnet bio:

Roland Piquepaille lives in Paris, France, and he spent most of his career in software, mainly for high performance computing and visualization companies, working for example for Cray Research and Silicon Graphics. He left the corporate world in 2001 after 33 years immersed into it. In 2002, he started a blog about technology trends and how they will affect our lives. This blog is now hosted by ZDNet, part of CNET Networks, under the name Emerging Technology Trends, and continues to explore the frontiers of science and technology. In 2005, Roland started another blog focused on why it makes sense for a company to use blogs, Blogs for Companies, which is temporarily on hold.

Roland was a thorough researcher and was a much appreciated voice in technology and futurist blogging.

ZDnet confirmed his passing from his wife.

Roland passed away Monday in Paris. He was hit with a digestive virus that lead to a high fever and health complications beyond that. Suzanne said that the doctors are still trying to quantify how Roland got the virus and the exact details.