More iPhone Instant Skills for Cheat Codes for All of Real Life Tasks

There is an iPhone application which assists a person at card counting while playing blackjack in a casino. Using devices to assist in playing in a casino is illegal.

It operates in several modes, including a “stealth mode” where the screen is blanked, and can be operated by touching different zones on the screen. It can use up to four separate strategies for card counting.

This is a follow up to an article on this site about applications to assist someone solve a Rubiks cube or as an aid for snipers to adjust for wind and environmental conditions. This is on the path to achieving instant-skill or cheat codes for all of life’s tasks. Like the Matrix downloading of skills and expertise.

There is a lot of effort and progress to make mobile phones the ‘doctor in your pocket’

The idea of a phone serving as a “doctor in your pocket” has gained traction at the industry’s biggest trade show, the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

Among a slew of possible applications in poor countries, insiders stressed the potential for the mobile phone to remind people to get vaccinations, take medicine, or undergo HIV tests.

The Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Foundation and The Vodafone Foundation announced the Mobile Health (mHealth) Alliance this week, a partnership to advance the use of mobile technology in healthcare.

The UN and Vodafone also released a study, “mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare in the Developing World,” detailing 51 programmes in 26 countries.

In Uganda, for example, a multiple choice quiz about HIV/AIDS was sent to 15,000 subscribers on the Celtel network in a rural region, inviting them to answer questions and seek tests. Users who completed the quiz were given free airtime and each time they answered a question wrong they received a message informing them of the correct response.At the end of the quiz, a final SMS was sent to motivate participants to go for voluntary testing and counseling at a local health centre.

Slightly less than one in five responded and the number of people who went for testing at the centre increased from 1,000 to 1,400 during a six-week period, the report said.

The expansion of expertise and skills is related to some theories of natural brain evolution from animals up to humans.

Human Evolution Expanded Brains to Increase Expertise Capacity

Human Evolution Expanded Brains to Increase Expertise Capacity, Not IQ (1999), Dr John Skoyles.

Why do modern humans have larger brains than earlier people such as Homo erectus? As large brains cause problems in childbirth, infancy and locomotion, the advantage they offer must be substantial. This advantage might be associated with increased IQ, but there is a problem: evidence from MRI volumetric surveys, microcephaly and hemispherectomy shows that there exist individuals with psychometrically normal IQ but Homo-erectus-sized brains. Why did evolution increase brain size (with its associated costs) when humans (as these individuals demonstrate) can have normal IQ without bigger brains? I propose that the advantage may be related to increased capacity for an aspect of intelligent behaviour not measured by IQ tests but critical to the survival of our simple hunter-gatherers ancestors: the capacity to develop expertise.

Why Grandmothers need large brains.

how does brain size matter? Critique of the Skoyles theory.

A university lecture on brain size and tool use of different hominids.