Canada s Oil Forecast and Saskatchewan’s Bakken Status

Technology is unlocking the Bakken oilfield potential In Saskatchewan.

As of mid-October, 2008, Saskatchewan had 1,050 wells capable of producing in the Bakken. Of these, the vast majority (979) have been drilled since October 2004. Over the first eight months of 2008, the Bakken accounted for about 8.6 million bbls (an average of 35,250 bbls a day) of Saskatchewan’s oil production of 105.7 million bbls (approximately 434,000 bbls a day).

Operators such as TriStar, with current production from the Bakken of more than 4,700 BOE per day, are continuing to focus on improving potential primary recovery factors in the play. TriStar’s current oil reserve booking is based on a recovery factor of 1.1% of the estimated net total original oil in place. Achieving a primary recovery factor of 12.5% consisting of four wells per section at current average reserve engineer bookings would yield up to 70.5 million bbls of additional recoverable oil to its current booked reserves.

Crescent Point’s Bakken technical team conservatively expects over time it could achieve a 15% recovery factor on primary production, based on detailed simulation work that suggests up to 19% recovery with infill drilling at eight wells per section.

Another option is enhanced recovery with water or carbon dioxide (CO2) floods. Crescent Point is in the early stages of determining how best to apply water and/or CO2 flooding to the formation with the objective of increasing its recovery rate to as much as 25-30%.

Canada Dec 2008 Interim Oil Forecast

Saskatchewan has 60 billion barrels of bitumen.

Saskatchewan is also developing the Lower Shaunavon formation

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I don't think test tube meat will stay slurry for very long. If I look at the advances in regenerative medicine, the in-vitro tech would be used to grow the cells, the cells could then be put in an extra cellular matrix to form whatever kind of meat people wanted (without bones). The amount of food per pound of meat is a very incomplete story. Invitro meat would allow nutrients to be turned into meat much faster and without as much land use (and the accompanying water and air pollution), without the dangerous animal rendering plants.


j.paige said:"Cheapest of all is to modify corn (wheat? soybeans?) to carry all the essential amino acids."
soy already has a full complement of amino acids (although some textured soy might have free glutamates).


Here are some existing-tech conversion levels, roughly:

beef: 8 lb feed per 1 lb live weight
pork: 4:1
chicken: 2 - 1.7 : 1
catfish: 1.5 : 1

Clearly, in vitro meat would be much cheaper that even these, as when the animal is butchered you loose 25 - 35% of the weight.

Cheapest of all is to modify corn (wheat? soybeans?) to carry all the essential amino acids.


Invitro meat will be the same as regular meat at the cellular level. It should be 4-20 times more energy efficient to produce. It will not be sold until it is more cost efficient to produce for a particular type of meat.


I eat ground beef, but the rest of my meat is whole (chops, roasts I cut up myself, chicken quarters or whole chicken) that I cut up myself if it needs it. We don't eat hot dogs anymore, and I've been buying ground pork instead of sausage, spicing it myself. I do keep canned meat in the pantry for hurricane preparedness though.

So hopefully I don't sound like a hypocrite when I say, "ewww, test-tube meat". I would probably consider cloned meat though, depending on how pure they kept the process.


Ok, i get that chicken nuggets are gross. They do feel like sponges, so i wasn't really expecting much quality meat.

How about you give some information about inVitro meat...perhaps why it is superior to McNugs.


I'm going to throw up. I admit, I eat them. Dear god, I must stop. Ugh.


Or just don't eat meat at all is just fine for some folks. The thought of eating chicken nuggets or just about any other meat is repulsive.


Very nice for the guys from Peta to try to help animals in this way, but this isnt going to work unless the invitro meat can be produced at a very price than normal meat.
I truly would like to see this happen because I know the way that chickens and other animals like pigs are processed, and its terrible.