Carnival of Space 96

Carnival of space 96 is up at Astroengine.

This site provided an article on the quantum fractal theory of space time.

Planetary society blog looks at water on Mars.

21st Century Waves feels we are close to space colonization starting in 2015.

Astroblogger considers asteroids at the L4 and L5 points

Greg Fish, a popular science and business writer who’s work regularly appears on, have joined forces to identify target markets for space minded entrepreneurs as well as lay out what issues need to be resolved along the way in Astroeconomics: Making Money From The Vacuum Of Space. Combining science with marketing and the basics entrepreneurship, O’Neill and Fish take a new look at the economics of space exploration to find business opportunities for space minded companies and put many long popular ideas about the future of space travel under the microscope to separate fact from fiction.

Check out the carnival of space 96 at Astroengine for a lot more.