Electric Bikes Compatible with Exoskeleton

The new HULC exoskeleton helps you carry 200 lbs for hours or days. For pure mobility, one could carry an electric bicycle. So what transportation options could mix in with the 200lb weight limit. The other transportation option also has to be able to carry you, your gear and the 50lb exoskeleton. Electric bike and the electric exoskeleton can share or run off the same batteries and/or ultracapacitors or small engine.

If you could
* go 25 mph in your exoskeleton (with bionic boot attachment)
* could switch at any time to a 40-50mph electric bike that you were carrying along with crash safety armor
* could walk onto public transporation for more range

would you look at using your car a lot less or trading in your car ?

The electric transportation would be about $2 of electricity for 300 miles of range. The total purchase price would be about $25,000-30,000 initially. How about with a crash hardened baby/child carrier ?

It would be an electric (green) transportation system. Being able to crush your enemies, is a side-effect.

At what price would you swap your car for an electric exoskeleton (25 mph), electric bike (50mph) combination ? Operating costs 10 times less.
$30,000 or more
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The combination of an electric bike (especially a foldable one) and the exoskeleton can allow most any person to have a lightweight and all terrain transportation combination. Better power sources will enable longer range 50mph-60mph speeds. The ability to easily carry the weight can also allow for convenient carrying of crash safety body armor and helmets. The person can also ride on public transit.

Here is a converted bicycle with an older phoenix electric conversion kit. The new 7240 would look similar.

A Phoenix racing kit (72 volt, 2880 watts) can convert most regular bicycles or folding bicycles and can reach speeds of 50-mph The Phoenix 7240 kit weighs 80lbs. A lightweight but sturdy bicycle can weigh 20-40lbs.

This is the range for the less powerful Phoenix 4840.

The blade XT bike can go 45 MPH and weighs 199 lbs. It has a fully programmable 19.2 kiloWatt Peak (25.7 electrical HP).

A 96 volt electric bike set a 93 mph quarter mile speed record. The bike is probably in the range of 300-400lbs so it would not be suitable until advance materials lighten its weight while maintaining most performance.