Impending Triumph of Super Technology

Previously this site has discussed nanotechnology progress:

Significant recent developments with nanotechnology.

Self Assembly and directed assembly could take over from lithography for the next stage of computer miniturization to reach 1-2 nanometer features.

The self assembly of 10-100 terabit per square inch magnetic memory. They have self assembled several square centimeters and the process appears to be compatible with current computer chip fabrication processes. They seem confident in adapting the self assembling process to produce photonic and computing elements.

There are two armed nanorobotic devices.

Artificial ribosomes are being made in the billions and they can be customized.

Trillions of copies of DNA structures are being produced inside living cells.

George Church notes two key requirements for implementation of production of synthetic DNA for dollars per kilogram:

1. Engineering of [more efficient] nucleotide synthesis: We are collaborating with Philippe Marliere on optimizing metabolic pathways to the synthesis of the four dNTPs in vivo.
2. DNA secretion: This is a natural process in some bacteria, could be enhanced to prevent (potentially toxic) levels of DNA in vivo.

Super cheap and power DNA Nanotechnology will stop with DNA and soft proteins. It can carry onto Pyrite, silk and Keratin (protein for animal horn).

Artificial Intelligence and Computing Advances
Artificial intelligence is benig used for interactive voice response in commercial call centers.

Artificial intelligence is making progress cracking the game of GO and large search space problems.

Wolfram has his new Wolfram Alpha system for more generalized computing of answers across many fields of knowledge.

The room temperature quantum dots based on dangling silicon bonds could work well with Wolfram cellular automata system.


This site has made its own contribution with a plan that makes Nuclear propulsion more acceptable by eliminating the need for nuclear explosions in the air. This plan does hinge on those few who control nuclear weapons to agree to use them to open up a real space age, but it is an easier choice with almost no negative side effects.