iPhone 3.0 OS

Apple reports that when iPhone OS 3.0 arrives this summer, it will introduce over 100 new features, including the ability to:

* Search your iPhone
a flick to the left on the homescreen, a user can do a Spotlight search for items anywhere on the device
* Cut, copy, and paste
* Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
* Read and compose email and text messages in landscape
* A new Voice Memos app is included for recording and editing audio.
* The Calendar app gains support for Exchange, CalDAV, and .ics format external calendars

A beta version is available for use now.

Ars Technica provides detailed technical coverage.

The iPhone Ecosystem Statistics

* 17 million iPhones and some 13 million iPod touches have been sold in the last two years, for a total of over 30 million devices running iPhone OS.
* There are currently over 50,000 registered app developers, 60 percent of which have never developed for any mobile platform.
* The App Store currently has over 25,000 apps available, resulting in over 800 million downloads to date.