Next Big Future Highlights of Weeks 7-12 in 2009

The highlights from the first 6 weeks of 2009 had 128 qubit quantum computers, artificial brain projects, breakthroughs with carbon nanotubes and more.

1. DNA based assembly of nanoclusters.

2. Self assembled memory could have 250 DVDs in the space of quarter. 10-100 terabits per square inch.

3. Synthetic Ribosome made.

4. DNA Origami can grow

5. Wireless brain computer interfaces with nanoparticles communicating with and controlling neurons.

6. Graphene chips could enable 1 terahertz communication chips within 2-3 years.

7. Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) are made 100 times more stable by taking into account photons reflecting off of the microscope tip.

8. Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) can swap atoms from the tip to the target by pressing into a target.

9. Carbon nanotubes are being developed into faster and stronger artificial muscle for robots and other actuator applications.

10. Carbon nanotubes are being used to stick together layers of material for stronger and more durable airplane skins and for other applications.

11. Room temperature single atom quantum dots have been made.

12. Pyrite could be a key material for molecular nanotechnology that could scale solar power to terawatt levels.

13. Another roundup of nanotechnology. Nanowalls where we want them, control of nanocrystals and better nanolenses and more

Stem cells, gene therapy and advanced medicine
14. Stem cells for universal tissue replacement.

15. Unlimited stem cell supplies and bone marrow and fat stem cells able to survive in bioscaffolds.

16. Stem cells resistant to chemotherapy give tissue replacement advantage so that they can replace diseased tissue. Kill diseased tissue with chemotherapy which leaves the healthier or enhanced stem cells.

17. Lab grown nerves promote nerve regeneration.

18. Localization and delivery keys to early gene therapy strategies

19. Nerve and brain modifications could be keys to enhancing human strength to gorilla and chimpanzee level.

20. Monoclonal antibodies can provide fast durable immunity against bird flu and other flu.

21. Super cheap paper based medical tests could transform medicine and diagnostics.

22. Micro-cantilevers enable faster and more accurate virus detection.

23. Taking short nanosecond range lasers bursts to the petawatt, exawatt and zettawatt levels.

24.Mercury laser enables frequent powerful shots are key to enabling laser nuclear fusion.

25. Solid state lasers are past minimum battlefield strength of 100 kilowatts. Now at 105 kw and adding an eighth section moves it to 120 kw. Further progress to megawatt level is funded.

Nuclear Space Cannon
This is a nextbigfuture variation on the nuclear pulse propulsion project of Project Orion.

26A. One underground shot Nuclear Orion idea introduced. No fallout or electromagnetic pulse issues.

26B. Containing underground nuclear explosion details.

26C. The nuclear space cannon could be used to jump start asteroid mining and lower costs of follow on space travel with fuel depots and deploying space based tethers.

Military Technology
27. Lockheed is deploying exoskeletons for the army which can help soldiers carry 200 lbs loads and move at 7-10 mph with those loads. There is also attachments possible for large riot shields or an over the shoulder gun turret.

28. Exoskeletons that can carry 200 lbs can be combined with electric bikes and scooters for all-terrain persoonal transportation solution. You can walk onto public transportation in an exoskeleton with a folded electric bike on its back.

29. Another article on the exoskeleton electric bike combination for public transportation.

Energy Technology
30. Algae fuel cost and production.

31. Neutron tracks have been detected in conjunction with cold fusion.

32. Superconducting meissner effect has been detected at -40 celsius.

Quantum Computers, AI and advanced electronics and communications
33. Quantum computer tunable qubits and other quantum computer related advances.

34. An IPhone can help monitor the state of your brain and help you put yourself into memorization mode.

35. 25 cent sensors could be used to make an affordable border security system. Monitor motion and cars up to 10 miles deep across a 2000 mile border for $10 to 100 million.

36. $1000 electronic gear on a soldiers helmet can form a network of sensors for locating snipers and the type of gun they are using.

37. Wolfram Alpha can offer computed answers for math, science and other fields of interest as an alternative to multiple answers from internet search.

38. 12.5 gigabit per second 5G mobile phone service is on the way.

39. Supercomputers are starting to defeat expert human players at the game of GO

Big Ideas
40. Collapsitarians and doomers do not take into account societal response if things really start getting bad. Therefore, total collapse over the span of several years to several decades will not happen. Real disasters that can threaten civilization and humanity have to hit so that there is not time to adapt or enable emergency response.

41. Emerging technological black swans that could change the world.

42. Open source crowdsourcing of financial regulation would be effective. This should be used mostly in place of cumbersome and ineffective layering of regulation onto the SEC.