Carnival of Space 97

Carnival of Space 97 is up at Cheap Astro and it has a lot of good articles.

This site contributed the article on the layer of ice found less than one meter below the surface of Mars.

Meridiani Journal looks at the sub-surface water on Titan

Titan is already known to have lakes and seas of liquid methane, but now the evidence is growing that it also harbours a subsurface ocean of water, which may come to the surface periodically via cryovolcanoes (spewing ice or water instead of lava). As the two linked articles describe, studies of Titan’s variable spin rate have bolstered the case for an interior water / ammonia ocean, while new evidence for ice flows resulting from cryovolcanic eruptions have been found on the surface.

A Babe in the Universe explores the many different view and theories of Dark Energy.

Bad Astronomy gives us a virtual 3d close-up view of the mass-extinction-sized Near Earth Object 1996 HW1.

Astroengine outlines a new technique to listen out for habitable exoplanets.

Centauri Dreams looks at a high speed solar sail that will coast on a microwave and could get to Pluto in half the time it will take the New Horizons spacecraft.

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