Carnival of Space 99

Carnival of Space #99 is up at Alice Astro Info.

This site provided information on microscale solar sails and the article with details on PGE (Pacific Gas and Electric) signing an agreement with startup Solaren for Space based solar power by 2016.

Innumerable Worlds looks at the tiny movement of our sun caused by Earth and the other planets and the detection capabilities need to notice the planets from the Sun’s wobble from 30 light years away.

The numbers along the side and the bottom indicate the angular scale on the sky; this box is 2 milliarcseconds on a side. That’s 2 millionth’s of an arcsecond or half a billionth of a degree! That is incredibly small. It’s roughly equivalent to the thickness of a dime seen from 140,000 km away – nearly a third of the distance to the Moon!

The weak economy is slowing the rocket racing league.

Check out the Carnival of Space #99 is up at Alice Astro Info for many more entries.