EUV makes 22 Nanometer Transistors

22 nanometer lithography has been performed with EUV (extreme Ultra Violet Light). (H/T Sander Olson)

Fully functional 22nm CMOS SRAM cells of 0.099µm² density have been fabricated at IMEC using ASML’s EUV Alpha Demo Tool (ADT). The new cells are 47% smaller than IMEC’s 0.186µm² cell produced at the 32nm node last year. The results were presented during IMEC’s partner review week.

“This SRAM cell integration shows that EUV photo process technology is making excellent progress as a cost-effective single patterning approach. We believe that EUV remains a candidate for use in the later stages of the 22nm technology.”

The FinFET layers were printed using ASML’s 1900i immersion lithography tool. The metallization of the contact holes was realized using Applied Materials most advanced contact processing modules for inter-layer barrier Ti and TiN before tungsten fill and chemical mechanical polishing.