Microsoft Has An Interesting Vision : Where the software works flawlessly and the Displays are Cheap and In Everything

Productivity Future Vision

The main aspects of this vision are superior computer displays like OLED and improved LED.
* Displays are in every glass or flat surface. This would require displays to become 10 to 1000 times or more cheaper than they are now and to use 10 to 1000 times less power
* The interactive displays all have touch control like the Apple iPhone does now.
* The mouse has become a reconfigurable touch control, which can change into different kinds of dials.
* There is also voice interaction and real time translation
* There are no delays in software interaction
* It appears devices are also always or on instantly turned on as needed
* Devices are aware of other devices and you can drag and drop from one screen to the next.

Some of this vision could be realized with more expensive displays with projectors in cellphones and/or goggles that overlay or project a computer display over reality. Then the interface would still be visible but each person would carry their own displays and displays would not have to built into and onto everything. The computers would need to sense and react to gestures.

MIT and others have already created prototype “sixth sense” projectors of computer information onto real world objects.

The cost and power efficiency of the displays seems to be the biggest hurdle to the Microsoft vision. Also, getting no software interface delays given Microsoft’s recent trend of more software delays using Microsoft Vista.