Carnival of Space 101

Carnival of Space 101 is up at Robot Explorers

This site provided one of the articles on Helion Energy’s nuclear fusion effort.

Crowlspace takes another look at the Fermi Paradox (which is an argument that aliens should be here so long as one race of alien in the galaxy is successfully able to colonize space.)

two likely equilibrium states that answer the Fermi Paradox. Either we’re in the pre-Colonization era, before anyone ventures forth and colonizes the lot, due to Life starting late in the Universe’s life because of some recently changed astrophysical process. Or the Galaxy has been colonized, in which case two sub-divisions seem reasonable:

(1) We’re an undeveloped patch missed by the last few waves of colonization as per Geoff Landis’s Percolation Theory.
(2) Or we haven’t been missed and we’re colonized, but just not how we usually imagine.

Cumbrian Sky looks at NASA’s plans or non-plans for the moon.

Centauri Dreams has another discussion of solar sails, the concept of exploration being under attack and a second Planetary Society try at a solar sail.

Check out the Carnival of Space 101 at Robot Explorers for a lot more