Carnival of Space 104: 2nd Anniversary

Carnival of Space 104 is up at Mangs Bat page

Cosmic log looks at the past and future of new space like Spacex

Flysinger looks at Herschel space telescope and the Planck observatory

The Herschel spacecraft that was launched by ESA earlier this week is super-cool. Literally. This advanced telescope for far-infrared and millimeter-wave observations has a supply of liquid helium on board to keep its sensors cooled below 2 K (less than 2 degrees above absolute zero).

Herschel was launched with a companion spacecraft called Planck, which is a microwave observatory designed to study tiny fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), allowing scientists to infer the structure of the early universe as early as 380,000 years after the Big Bang (that’s only about 0.003% of the estimated age of the universe, 13.5 to 14 billion years).

Out of the Cradle offers up an EVA interview with Paul Eckert about the 6th Space Investment Summit.

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