Optical interface can recognize pen, touch and shapes

On the left the new Sharp LCD Optical touchpad on their new laptops and on the right an image from Microsoft’s vision of the future where computer mice are replaced with dynamical optical interfaces.

The Sharp optical sensor is a new type of LCD with three major features. It supports handwriting, enables touch operations, like the iPhone, and can recognize shapes.

According to Sharp, a pen can be used to input drawings and text, while finger gestures on the LCD pad can enlarge, shrink or rotate items on the notebook screen – all in addition to the conventional ways a mouse is used. Users can sign their name to a photo before emailing it, for instance; or they can use two fingers to zoom in and out of internet websites to adjust them for the best view.

The Mebius offers an illustration application which allows users to edit their photos, using many different pre-installed stickers and stamps, like photo-booth stickers. The notebook also comes with games that support finger-touch operations. They include easy-to-understand games like bowling and playing the piano.

Microsofts 2019 Productivity vision versus Sharps Reality of Today

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