Ripsaw Robotic Tank

Built by twin brothers, Geoff and Mike Howe of Barwick, Maine, the Ripsaw, unmanned ground vehicle, can careen at high speed [over 60 mph] over obstacles that would leave a vehicle’s crew dazed and bruised. It is operated by a driver in another vehicle using a modular crew station that can be unbolted and placed in a range of Army vehicles, including the Stryker and all the MRAP models. It is a cheap unmanned vehicle that is able to drive at the full speed of Humvees or other military truck convoys.

A weaponised version, modified by the Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, includes a remotely operated M240 machine gun. The gun is operated by a separate person using another modular station that can be put in a range of vehicles. The Ripsaw can carry a payload of 2,000 pounds. It is not armored and each track can be removed as a unit should it be damaged. It was funded by an earmark worth about $1 million.

Howe and howe is a small company with about a staff of 16 (although if prospective sales for some of the vehicles are made this staff will increase.

Coal Mine Personnel Carrier

The SR-1 subterranean rover, a mean-looking, black personnel carrier resembling the legendary Batmobile, can endure cratered terrain, fireball blasts, and cave-ins.

Built specifically for subterranean operation, SR1 is ideal for coal and precious metal mining. The chassis is engineered out of 4130 chrome molly tubing to withstand the harshest of environments while offering extremely good fatigue resistance. The chassis is then further strengthened by completely webbing the tubular structure with .125″ plate steel. With 14″ of suspension, SR1 offers a smooth 6 person ride while also reducing the jarring forces throughout the frame. SR1 is engineered ground up to not only be the most durable mining personnel transport vehicle ever assembled but also to be extremely modular and easily maintained. Built with “over the shelf” parts, SR1 maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Powered by a tier 3 Cummins 4QSB, SR1 is powerful and emission certified for mining operations. SR1 is designed to replace the less reliable and more complex Humvee. It is also designed to be faster, more comfortable and less complex than current industry standard hydrostatic drive human transport mining vehicles


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  1. A very interesting article… I’ve found it coming from the oildrum (my apologies if you got my message twice).

    You might be pleased to know that now there is a small holding trying to finance KiteGen… allowing small/medium investors to take part in this

    I don’t want to bother the other readers so feel free to write me if you want to.

  2. “Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist at Stanford University’s Carnegie Institution, has estimated that the total energy contained in wind is 100 times the amount needed by everyone on the planet. But most of this energy is at high altitude.”

    Info like that always makes me cringe. They is no way to know how they defined the “total energy contained in wind” are they talking recoverable and if so, by which means – the best current means or the best hypothetical means?

    It is a little less annoying than the commonly reported phrase: “scientists calculate that the total amount of solar energy hitting the earth is equal to…”. Unless someone plans to coat the entire planet with a new 100% efficient spray-on photovoltaic film the information is of little use.

    But it is an interesting project. Sorry if I sound cranky but I am cranky. I go with what I’m good at.


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