Star Trek and the Future

The most recent Star Trek movie is a financial success. It made $79 million in the first weekend. Therefore, a guaranteed prediction is that there will be many more Star Trek sequel movies in the future. There will also be more attempts (and likely some successful launches) at new Star Trek television series. However, any television series will not be able to afford the actors who are in the current Star Trek movie (except possibly special appearances or cross promotions).

There were some reviews that looked at the movie from a military and computer security perspective. The reviews have spoilers for the movie so do not look at them until after you have seen the movie or if you do not care about the spoilers.

Wired had a “military analysis” of the most recent Star Trek movie.

Computer World looked at the computer and information technology security problems that still plague the imagined future.

For military aspects, the issues boil down to given the hypothetical technology available, the characters of the Star Trek world only know how to fight as well as mostly scientifically, computer and military illiterate movie writers choose to make them.

Particular trouble spots are basic physics and astronomy which are central to a space based setting. Things like E equals M C squared. You go faster then you have squared the amount of kinetic energy. Other areas of knowledge would be trouble as well if they ended up being incorporated into the movie or TV show. It is the rare piece of entertainment that goes to the effort of trying to incorporate some kind of technical accuracy. However, even in those attempts at getting certain details there is usually exaggeration of some aspects in order to fit the entertainment. Law and Orders makes substantial efforts to get legal procedures and police procedures accurate. Yet, the case volume for the primary detectives and lawyers is massively exaggerated and some methods produce better and faster results than in reality. In reality, many murders go unsolved. Homocide detectives have 4-6 cases per year and clear about 61% nationally. [Clearing a case means getting an arrest. The number where the correct person was arrested or where that correct person was sent to jail is lower.] The medical and police procedures in shows like CSI attempt to get some accuracy but the capabilities, speed and accuracy of the techniques is exaggerated.

The Star Trek movie and the entertainment it provides is rightly focused on telling a good story and having a fast pace and entertaining plot and engaging characters and actors.

An enthusiastic non-technical review by Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith is so enamored of Chris Pine [who played James Kirk], he’s willing to do almost anything to take in another of the actor’s performances. “I’d watch that dude do anything,” Smith said with a laugh. “I’d watch that dude have sex with my wife at this point. He’s such a good actor.”

But it wasn’t just Pine that had Smith raving about “Trek.” “The opening 10 minutes of that movie are astounding,” he said. “It’s, like, everything could go downhill after that, and you would still leave that movie going, ‘That movie rocked.’ But, luckily, it doesn’t really go downhill. It maintains that energy throughout.”

The Star Trek Universe has basically been reset. There is no need to delve into the reasons that are provided. This should be considered a parallel dimension with as many similarities and differences to the old universe of TV shows, movies and books as the writers choose to incorporate for maximum entertainment value.

The most important movie reviews for the health of the future of Star Trek are positive reviews from previous non-fans.

On meta-review site Rotten Tomatoes, Star Trek 11 is getting 95% positive reviews.

This site has considered the basic shape of a positive human future 240-250 years from now.

An Amusing Bit of Star Wars/ Star Trek Fanboy Video

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