Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor and Space Based Solar

1. Kirk Sorensen will be presenting an upgraded molten-salt reactor (the liquid-fluoride thorium reactor, or LFTR) concept as one of a dozen finalists at the Manchester Festival. Kirk will also be presenting at Google as part of the Google Talk series in July.

A dozen of the most promising applicants will be invited to present their idea to a high-calibre panel of experts in front of a live audience at Manchester Town Hall on the weekend of 4 and 5 July. The panel, chaired by Lord Bingham, previously the UK’s chief justice, and featuring leading lights from the worlds of science, business and policy, will rate the various ideas in terms of their feasibility, impact and commercial potential. .

The results of this landmark event will form the basis of a report – the Manchester Report – to be published two weeks later at the end of the festival. The report will not only be made available online but also sent to policy-makers, to help them decide which low-carbon solutions to support in the run up to this year’s crucial climate summit in Copenhagen.

A previous presentation of the liquid fluoride reactor concept. (60 minutes long) This site had an article which summarizes the factory mass produced concept of liquid fluoride reactors that would burn almost all of the thorium and uranium (almost zero nuclear waste/zero unburned fuel)

2. A presentation was made of research work on fluoride reactors in the Czech Republic. They have been working towards an actinide burning reactor for several years.

3. New Energy and Fuel has an article that PowerSat Corp. has filed a provisional patent for two technologies called BrightStar and Solar Power Orbital Transfer, that are expected make the transmission of space solar power more cost-effective by reducing the price for launch and operation of systems as large as 2,500 megawatts by about $1 billion.