Nvidia Tegra Chip Line Uses less than One Watt

Nvidia projects that in just a few years Tegra, its embedded system on a chip (SoC), will account for more than half of income.

Tegra has 42 total design wins, announced at the recent Computex show, including 18 smart phones and 18 customers for mobile Internet devices (MIDs).

nVidia has an aggressive roadmap for Tegra; instead of the usual two or three years for a refresh, it plans to release new products annually. The second generation Tegra is due by next year and will feature four times the performance in the same power envelope, which is under one watt. The third generation, one year after that, will have 10 times the performance as generation one, in the same power envelope.

NVIDIA HD AVP (High Definition Audio Video Processor) with NVIDIA® PureVideo® technology
* Up to 1080p HD video playback
* Unprecedented picture quality and ultra-smooth, vivid movie playback with low CPU use and power consumption

Superior Imaging
* Take sharp and steady pictures with a 12 MP camera with a built-in image-stabilization algorithm
* Integrated image signal processor (ISP) with proprietary algorithms that enables image and video stabilization, face tracking, and advanced trick modes.

ULP (Ultra Low Power) NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
* NVIDIA graphics technology architected for low-power applications
* Superior 3D user interface capabilities based on a unique compositing framework that delivers seamless web browsing

NVDIA nPower™ technology
* Low-power design delivers over 100 hours audio and10 hours HD video playback
Optimizes system power use

The NVIDIA® Tegra™ 600 Series products are the smallest, most advanced, and most highly integrated visual computers-on-a-chip. Featuring unprecedented multimedia functionality—including HD 1080p video and advanced 3D technology—and delivering 10× the power efficiency of competition, Tegra 600 Series products deliver the ultimate visual experience on a broad range of connected devices.

The Tegra line uses ARM chips and ULP (ultra low power) NVidia GPUs