Singularity University Open to the Public Event: Thursday, July 9, 7-9pm

Singularity University is pleased to invite the public to a panel discussion with leading experts on “Humanity’s Grandest Challenges,” on Thursday, July 9 at 7pm PT. Exponentially accelerating “grand challenges” will take political power, significant investments, and necessitate the development of equally accelerating technologies to affect the large numbers of people required to make a real difference – locally and globally.

Join some of the world’s leading experts in public health, climate change, energy, and others as they discuss the “grand challenges” in water, health, the environment, and energy, and identify some of the technical and political issues associated with making significant progress in finding immediate and long-term sustainable solutions that can positively affect at least one billion people in the next 10 years.

Moderator: Mr. Vijay Vaitheeswaran, Writer for The Economist, Author of “Zoom”
Global Public Health: Dr. Larry Brilliant, Skoll Foundation
Climate: Dr. Chris Field, Carnegie/Stanford, U.S. Rep to the International Panel on Climate Change, co-author of the IPCC report that won the Nobel Prize with Al Gore
Water: Ms. Meena Palaniappan, Pacific Institute, Director of their Water Initiative
Climate: Dr. Bill Collins, Head of the Climate Science Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Thursday, July 9, Singularity University is organizing a top level panel about “Humanity’s Grand Challenges” from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in its campus at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. This is a public event and you and your friends in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are very welcome to participate, but please register for the panel here:

“Humanity’s Grand Challenges” is the second in a series of weekly Singularity University presentations open to the public during the course of the 9-week Graduate Summer Program. Visit SU’s blog – – for upcoming presentations. Following the presentation, videos will be available at:

Directions to the presentation can be found here – Please note that a valid government issued identification (like a driver’s license) is required for access to NASA Ames Research Park.

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