Carnival of Space 117

The Carnival of Space 117 is up at simostronomy.

This site contributing the article finished Titanium parts from Titanium Hydride can be over 8 times cheaper than regular titanium manufacturing. Cheaper, stronger and lighter components are always better for increasing performance of rocket systems and other equipment for space.

Cosmislog at Msnbc looks at the latest space elevator developments, tether competition, power beaming competition and lunar lander competition.

Weird warp considers the possibilities of alien life and the forms that it could take.

A defnition of life is something like the following:

* Organized
* Homeostatic – Living things carry out functions that keep them in a constant, relatively unchanging state called homeostasis.
* Reproduces
* Grows/develops
* Takes in energy from the environment
* Responds to stimuli
* Adapted to its environment

Science blogs asks and answers “How sure are about the big bang ?”

Check out the Carnival of Space 117 at simostronomy.