Carnival of Space 118

Cumbrian Sky has the 118th Carnival of Space.

This site contributed the article about the Russian Space Agency and NASA trying to get larger budgets with talks about Mars Missions. The reality seems likely to be no budget increases and more use of companies like Spacex.

Weird Warp looks at nuclear fusion and the variety of proposed space propulsion systems that would use nuclear fusion.

Crowl Space looks at fictional worlds and the reality of habitable zones in solar systems.

Centauri Dreams looks at ”Building Infrastructure: The Tether Option” It discusses space tethers and their many uses, from raising satellite orbits to interplanetary propulsion and still more exotic possibilities. The article reviews Michel Van Pelt’s new book on space tethers and discusses how they could even be used to deliver cargo from space directly to the surface of the Moon.

Check out Cumbrian Sky for a lot more in the 118th Carnival of Space.