Carnival of Space 115

Carnival of Space 115 is up at New Frontier News

From Nextbigfuture there is

official talk of a worthy new purpose for the Space program: the
underlying reason why we do human spaceflight is the extension of
human civilization beyond Earth.


the Bae Institute continued work on photonic propulsion and a new
approach to nuclear fusion with efficient x-ray production.

Bad Astronomy covers the Kepler Telescope (Planet Finding Mission) getting first results and spoting new planets.

Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy also seems pretty excited about Kepler coming online, and with good cause. As he explains, the results from the calibration and testing indicate that if there are Earth-like planets in the direction it’s pointed, Kepler is going to find them.

21st century waves covers the South Korean space program.

Crowlspace talks about the Vasimr plasma rocket and its high power needs. Adam Crowl looks at Vapor-Gas Core Nuclear Power Systems with Superconducting Magnets.

Centauri Dreams looks at space anomolies in our solar system.

Check out the Carnival of Space 115 at New Frontier News for a more on Mars, Astronomy and other items.