Carnival of Space 116

Carnival of Space 116 is up at Habitation Intention

there were two items
This site had two contributions:
How much Uranium (and other elements) are there in the solar system and where in the solar system are they and

the Mr. Fusion scenario where nuclear fusion energy becomes cheap and
What are the several candidate technology projects that are funded and could lead to this scenario. The scenario directly connects to easy access to space and easy movement around the solar system. It also means an abundant supply of nuclear weapons are available to those who have cheap and abundant energy and asteroids can be used as more powerful than nuclear bomb weapons. There is a solution for that issue as well.

The Planetary Society covers the blogosphere response to the recent impact on Jupiter that caused an earth sized “bruise”

Weird Warp has an overview of commercial spaceflight

Check out Habitation Intention for a lot more Carnival of Space