Several Excellent Articles from Capacity Factor

The blog Capacity Factor has several excellent articles and overall the entire site has excellent analysis and research.

Sustainable energy and the Kardashev scale analyzes different energy sources to maintain civilization energy levels over time.

The Nextbigfuture analysis of seawater uranium for fission is ten times the world’s current electricity needs for 100 million years.

Looking at using the uranium and thorium in the earth’s crust. 80 trillion tons times 950 gigawatt days/ton times 24 billion watt/hours per GWd.
1750 billion trillion kilowatthours.

World net electricity generation nearly doubles in the IEO2008 reference case, from about 17.3 trillion kilowatthours in 2005 to 24.4 trillion kilowatts in 2015 and 33.3 trillion kilowatthours in 2030. Uranium and thorium can provide 100 times current world electricity usage for 1 billion years.

Other articles from Capacity Factor:

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