World Wide Fund for Nature G8 Climate Scorecards Rigged Numbers

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G8 climate scorecards from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature and Allianz have rigged numbers H/T Energy from Thorium Forum

WWF does not consider nuclear power to be a viable policy option. The indicators “emissions per capita”, “emissions per GDP” and “CO2 per kWh electricity” for all countries have therefore been adjusted as if the generation of electricity from nuclear power had produced 350 gCO2/kWh (emission factor for natural gas). Without the adjustment, the original indicators for France would have been much lower, e.g. 86 gCO2/kWh.

WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund), Gland, Switzerland and Allianz SE, Munich, Germany. Any reproduction in full or in part of this publication must mention the title and credit the above-mentioned publisher as the copyright owner.

More accurate numbers for CO2 by energy source.

world Resources Institute has an online searchable interface to the IEA numbers on CO2 by country and region and does not appear to have been manipulated.

Countries do the best on CO2 for energy that have a high percentages of energy from hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear power.

The IEA report on world energy for 2008 in pdf form