Elements of Star Wars Recycled in the Recent Battlestar Galactica TV Series

There are some things in this that can be considered spoilers, but the Battlestar TV series has finished its first run and if you have not seen the Star Wars movies then go rent the DVDs. With DVDs you can fast forward through all of the Anakin-Padme/Amidala “relationship”.

Note: Star Wars was not original either. All of its elements were taken from earlier science fiction work.

Star Wars Battle Droids versus Cylon Centurions

Both had rotating guns as part of their hand/wrists.

Clone Army Versus Cylon Skin Jobs

Seemingly Good Jedi Would go to the Dark Side versus Trusted People Were Really Cylon Skin Jobs

Anakin was a trusted Jedi. Count Dooku was trusted at one time before the movies, but in the arc of the characters. Senator Palpatine was trusted by the characters.

In the beginning of Battlestar Galactica, no one suspected any of the humanoid cylons and in the first season no one knew who could be a cylon. It also was not known which humanoid cylons were good or bad.

Luke I am Your Father Versus Final Five Mothers and Fathers to All Humanoid Cylons

Long Ago

A Long Time ago in Galaxy far away…Star Wars.

Long Ago (150,000 years) but not in another galaxy Battlestar Galactica.