Richard Feynmann Explaining Quantum Physics in Video

Feynmann Explaining Reflection

Feynman on Wave Particle Duality (QED Lecture in New Zealand)

5 minutes of Part of the longer videos linked to below.

Feynmann on Electricity

Feynmann on Atoms

Feynmann on Magnets

Here is a youtube video where Feynmann explains gravitation. [no embed link]

There are lengthy 90-100 minute video lectures by Feynmann here.

There are four videos here by Feynmann.

Part 1: Photons – Corpuscles of Light

A gentle lead-in to the subject, Feynman starts by discussing photons and their properties.

Youtube has the talk in 9-10 minute chunks

Part 2: Fits of Reflection and Transmission – Quantum Behaviour
What are reflection and transmission, and how do they work?

Part 3: Electrons and their Interactions.
Feynman diagrams and the intricacies of particle interaction.

Part 4: New Queries
What does it mean, and where is it all leading?

BBC Video on Feynmann and Quantum Electrodynamics

3 parts:

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