Tom Baker Returns in Audio Production of Dr. Who

Wired reports that Tom Baker [the fourth of 11 actors who have played Dr. Who] stars in Doctor Who: Hornet’s Nest, a five-part adventure series for BBC audio dramas. The first episode (”The Stuff of Nightmares”) will be released Thursday in the United Kingdom, with subsequent episodes arriving Oct. 8 (”The Dead Shoes”) and Nov. 5 (”The Circus of Doom”). The final two parts (”A Sting in the Tale” and “Hive of Horror”) arrive Dec. 3.

“Tom Baker and The Doctor was the single best marriage of an actor to a role in TV history,” Russell Davies [21st-century Doctor Who producer] said.

The fourth doctor at tardis wikia.

“You may be a doctor but I’m the Doctor, the definite article you might say.”
―The Fourth Doctor to Harry Sullivan

Ranking of Dr. Who doctors
1. Tom Baker (fourth)
2. David Tennant (tenth)
3. Jon Pertwee (third)
4. ninth
5. Fifth
6. Second
7-10. Irrelevant: Too large a drop in quality to care

Doctor Who Companion at wikipedia

Ranking of Companions
1. Sarah Jane Smith
2. Rose
3. Romana
4. Martha Jones
5. Captain Jack Harkness
6. K-9’s
7-9. Adric/Leela/Donna Noble
10+. Irrelevant: Too large a drop in quality to care

Brigadier not officially a companion but I would put him 6th ahead of K9’s.

Nicholas Courtney played the Brigadier and was to record but had to be replaced for health reasons. If there are more audio recordings he could record them.