Carnival of Space 125

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Superconducting magnets are reaching 30-35 tesla now and appear on track to reach 60-70 tesla. This will enable the superconducting magnets to test a possible superpropulsion theory where the magnets are used to shunt into hyperdrive.

The basic concept is this: according to the paper’s authors – Jochem Häuser, a physicist and professor of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter and Walter Dröscher, a retired Austrian patent officer – if you put a huge rotating ring above a superconducting coil and pump enough current through the coil, the resulting large magnetic field will “reduce the gravitational pull on the ring to the point where it floats free”.

The origins of this “repulsive anti-gravity force” and the hyperdrive it might power lie in the work of German scientist Burkhard Heim, who – as part of his attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity – formulated a theoretical six-dimensioned universe by bolting on two new sub-dimensions to Einstein’s generally-accepted four (three space, one time).

Adam Crowl of Crowlspace looks at several interesting physics papers that consider attoscale blackholes for powering spaceships and antimatter propulsion. This site will follow up with a detailed examination of those research papers.

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