Carnival of Space 126

Carnival of Space 126 is up at Gish Bar Times

This site provided an article noting that the Space Elevator beaming competition is finally set for this coming weekend. Nov 2-6, 2009

The Planetary Society blog discusses the discovery of a cave on the moon

A probable cave skylight on the Moon. This dark hole, 65 meters in diameter, may be a window onto a subsurface cavern on the Moon. It was photographed by the Kaguya Terrain Camera on May 20, 2008, in a photo of the Marius Hills region of the lunar nearside. Credit: ISAS / JAXA / Junichi Haruyama et

Astroengine discusses how similar chambers could be useful for space colonization

Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer discusses the LCROSS satellite impact on the moon and corrects the popular misconceptions about the impact.

Music of the Spheres discusses a paper by Freeman Dyson on space colonization.

Dyson’s 1997 article: Warm-Blooded Plants and Freeze-Dried Fish.

There has been research progress and continued work to adapt plants to grow and survive on the Moon, Mars and asteroids.

Orbiting Frog discusses several ways to end the world with several good pictures

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