Website Ranking and Popularity

A brief pause to note some success.

Alexa ranks this site as the 22nd most popular Science News and Media site

Nextbigfuture is Number 1 on Google for the Search Term Future

Note: The google search results are personalized. Apparently the searches provide different results based on personal usage of google. At the bottom of this article is a picture of the search which prompted mislead me into thinking there was a higher ranking in google searches..

This site is fairly highly ranked for various other searches. We are 36th for molecular nanotechnology and 62nd for Nuclear fusion.

We have over 7000 subscribers. This fluctuates as well but as of Oct 22, 2009 we are over 7000.

Thanks to our readers for making this site successful.

Technorati’s ranking is very fluid, but as of October 25, 2009 Nextbigfuture was the 11th ranked science site (blog and news site combined) and Nov 11, 2009 onwards has been 6th in the Technorati science category and 44th in the Technorati Green category.