Radical Productivity Improvement

Here is a 48 page presentation on a project called “One Pass to Production : Radical Productivity Improvement”. It has the goal within 8 years of reducing the development time for a new cellphone from 2 years down to one day. The presentation was made in 2007 and the project was started in 2001.

One-Pass to Production Summary: (2001)
– Vendor Collaboration for Complete Top-Down Flow
– Tools Interoperability & Distributed Simulation
– Open Modeling Standard & Model Re-Use
– Different layer of model abstraction for different design stages
– System level IP.
– S/W oriented mentality
– Revision control
– Data Analysis

The requirements gathering, modular software and configurable hardware all had to be developed. Systems and processes had to be prepared so that requirements can be just be added so that a tested product can be rapidly realized.

This is an example of the kind of analysis and project that could be developed for radical productivity improvement for all kinds of businesses and products. The goals would not just be massively shortened design time and product realization but also concurrent retooling of an assembly line and also reduction of the staffing needed to support a business.

The system would need to be flexible enough to assist and encourage and enable improvements like the iPhone and for adding on compatible devices.