WhiteFi Could Be Worth $15 Billion per Year and Lower cost for Wireless Irrigation Control

A report “The economic value generated by current and future allocations of unlicensed spectrum” indicates that WhiteFi (white space spectrum wireless communication) could be worth $15 billion per year

The first White Spaces Network has been used to bring broadband internet to Claudville, Virginia

Some of the key report findings are:
• By 2014 sales of devices using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum will overtake sales of devices using only licensed spectrum. However, both will be eclipsed by sales of devices using only unlicensed spectrum
• The combined economic value to the US economy of the three unlicensed applications we model is likely to be $16 – 37 billion a year over the coming 15 years. Furthermore, these applications will represent only 15% of the total market for unlicensed devices in 2014
• Many fundamental innovations in radio technology are being introduced to unlicensed devices many years before appearing in licensed devices. In addition, more incremental and radical innovation appears to be occurring in unlicensed spectrum than in licensed spectrum
• The improvements to Wi-Fi from having access to lower-frequency high-bandwidth spectrum, such as the white spaces, could generate additional economic value of $3.9 – 7.3 billion a year over the coming 15 years for the US economy

White space enabled devices could have a significant impact is in the area of water saving, especially in agriculture. Sensors can make irrigation 30-60% more water efficient.