Dwave Systems Quantum Computer Processor Control Circuitry

Dwave systems has a 48 page presentation that describes more technical details and specifics of the operation of their adiabatic quantum computers.

the steps to run the dwave adiabatic quantum computer (currently 128 qubits)

1. Load 100 microseconds
2. Wait to cool 1 milliseconds (loading heats ot 400 millikelvin)
3. Anneal system 10 microseconds
4. Read qubit state 100 microseconds

No programming errors in 15,300,000 operations.

The hardware returns low energy solutions with very high probability. This
is the expected behaviour of a AQO processor operated at finite T.

* Thermally distributed results, consistent with complete system being quantum! More analysis needed, but it looks that it would behave differently if it were purely classical.
* Three C4 (128 qubit) processor chips are currently being calibrated.