Intel invests in Europe exascale computing center and Reviewing Big Numbers and Unit Prefixes

Goal is supercomputers with 1 one million trillion (a quintillion) instructions per second [IEEE had an error with a terascale trillion instructions per second]

The Exascale Computing Research Center will integrate multi petaFLOPS systems, develop advanced performance optimization techniques, and collaborate with end users to optimize supercomputer performance in areas such as energy, seismology, computational fluid dynamics and health care.

The lab will employ about a dozen people initially and is expected to eventually grow to about three times that number.

Names of large numbers and unit prefixes of large numbers

trillion 10^12 terascale
quadrillion 10^15 petascale
quintillion 10^18 exascale
sextillion 10^21 zettaascale
septillion 10^24 yottascale
octillion 10^27

A list with a few more number names