Second Day Results from the Space Elevator Games and the Third and Final Day

Day 3 also appears to be done with no change in the standings or prizes won. Lasermotive has won the level 1 prize of $900,000. No other prizes were won and no other team qualified for a prize.

LaserMotive retained their lead, and inched closer to the 5 m/s benchmark – they removed some payload, and thus ran a bit faster – the official times were 3:49 and 3:48 – 13 seconds faster, in fact, for a speed of 3.9 m/s. The payload was about 200 grams lighter – 0.4 kg (unofficial), for an unofficial score of 3.9 * 0.4 / 4.8 = 0.325.

Kansas City still failed short of reaching the top, though it seems that their problems are largely solved and so we can expect a credible challenge to LaserMotive from KCSP tomorrow.

USST were facing a series of problems, and were not able to run at all. What they can do Friday morning is anyone’s guess. Based on previous years, however, we should definitely not be counting them as having lost. All of their first-place climbs to date were made at the last minute of the last possible day.

Live action for day three has started.

USST (University of Saskatchewan) failed to climb more than a few meters and are now done. Lasermotive is done. Only Kansas City Pirates can improve and try to get a prize qualifying run.

Lasermotive climbing on day 3

10:39 PST: Hey #SEGames Ted Semon & Bryan Laubscher (Space Elevator Games live ›
11:23 PST: Hey #SEGames No. (Space Elevator Games live ›

USST & LaserMotive done. Hoping to get started with KCSP about 10 minutes from now [at about 1 PM PST].